IPM Compatibility Guidance for Submitting IR-4 Project Requests

The Western Integrated Pest Management Center and the Western Region IR-4 program worked together to address the need for IR-4 to consider IPM as a factor in project selection. The documents below were designed to help those submitting IR-4 project requests formulate an appropriate explanation of IPM compatibility with the requested pesticide use.

Guidance Documents for Developing IPM Compatibility Statements

These are not required documents, but tools to help formulate 1-4 sentences for IPM compatibility in your IR-4 project request.

  • Detailed background (Preamble – PDF)
  • IPM Criteria Document (PDF)
    Guidance on important criteria for consideration in assessing IPM compatibility: Efficacy, economics, non-target effects, resistance concerns, environmental fate, and other IPM factors – along with affirmative, intermediate and negative criteria.
  • Blank Worksheet (Excel)
    Worksheet for considering key elements – Not all projects will have information available to assess each attribute listed, but the criteria provide broad guidelines to assess possible pest management tools from a variety of perspectives and contexts.
  • IPM-Fit Examples (PDF)
    Examples of 1-4 sentences requested for IPM compatibility in the IR-4 project request.
  • Simple Example (PDF)
    How one might fill out the worksheet
  • Complex Example (PDF)
    A nuanced IPM scenario that illustrates the complexity of IPM across multiple crops, two active ingredients and two experts