eFDB Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to do this?
    Yes, with caveats.  We want everyone to try the new system as IR-4 will be moving toward a more complete transition to electronic notebooks in the future.  However, our first priority is trial success (see #2).

  2. Should I work from paper and transcribe?
    We think this is a good idea for the first round.  Most of you will be using the offline version and/or writing down critical phase data on paper and transcribing.  We recognize that it will take time to get used to recording data electronically in the field.

  3. Can I use an iPad?
    Yes.  iPads can be used in the browser version and as of May 24th, the mobile edition as well.  From the main browser window https://www.estudy.org/ir4/elm/ select the link at the top for Mobile Edition, then there will be a link for downloading on the iPad at the bottom.

  4. How do I log in?
    Connect to the browser version https://www.estudy.org/ir4/elm/
    Your username and password were assigned by IR-4 HQ.  If you need assistance, see #5.
    Organization code is “IR4”

  5. Who do I contact if I need help?
    Administrators at HQ are Philip Moore and Jimmy Byrtus.  Your friendly Regional Field Coordinator can help too.

  6. How do I know which documents should be hard copies and which can be uploaded to the eFDB?
    See the document upload guide.